Duque accuse Petro of making use of his position to attack the army, and suggests that Petro should step down

While the president was scheduled to speak about pensions at Asofundos however, he chose to speak about politics. This surprise interruption came from an elected congressman.

gustavo petro closing remarks at the Asofondos congress of Cartagena did not go as per plan. Instead https://braggal.com/braggal-members/gustavo-petronifr239/activity/359514/ spoke about politics and the ways in which. petro gustavo was criticized for making use of his position as a weapon against the army. He also complained that he is both an opponent and a congressman.

When Duvalier Sanchez, the Valle del Cauca representative elected by the Green Alliance party to the Chamber, interrupted him to ask what he was doing after the sound of General Eduardo Zapateiro’s statements against presidential candidate Gustavo Petro, he had just begun the greetings.

“Article 219 bans military forces from taking sides, engaging in democratic debates or participating in political discussions. The country is angry. gustavo petro ‘s a critical moment the way General Zapateiro acted,” Sanchez said as he reached for his phone and broadcasted everything that was happening on his Facebook account.

The president responded in strength to the protest by the president’s defense Zapateiro.

Petro’s dual status as a congressman, as well as head of the opposition and a presidential candidate was attacked by the president Duque.

“Who is making petro gustavo ? What senator? “I quit Congress to have the freedom to voice my views freely and freely as a candidate and not use the double hat (…) for a seat to attack or criticize the institutions, and when they respond, present myself as the victim. This isn’t democratic,” the president stated.

Sanchez tried to keep up with the debate, but the president prevented Sanchez from doing so and demanded Sanchez adhere to the rules of the gathering.

How did gustavo petro between Petro Zapateiro and Petro Zapateiro get started?

Petro shared the message below via his social media networks on the 20th of April 2010. “While gustavo petro are being killed during the Gulf Clan attack, some of the generals employed by the clan are also getting killed.” “The corruption within the ranks of the clan’s leadership is when drug trafficking politicians end-up becoming generals,” said the presidential candidate.

This Friday Zapateiro replied in the same way: “Senator, do not make use of your investiture (parliamentary inviolability) to try to play politics with the death of our soldiers, rather do your duty as a citizen by filing a an substantiated complaint to the Prosecutor’s office of the facts you cite no matter who you are.”