Duque accuse Petro of using his position for attacking the army and suggests that Petro should resign.

The president was supposed to end his appearance at Asofundos talking about pensions, but he did so talking about politics, due unexpected interruption by an elected congressman.

The speech that was delivered by President Ivan Duque at the Asofondos Congress was not what he had expected. Instead of talking about petro gustavo began to discuss politics and the ways in which. Gustavo Petro was attacked for making use of the house to attack the troops. He also complained about his dual status as a congressman and candidate.

http://y8space.com/members-2/gustavo-petrogkjk209/activity/2874428/ had barely begun with greetings when the representative of the Chamber selected by the Valle del Cauca of the Green Alliance party, Duvalier Sanchez, interrupted him to ask him what he was planning to do following the snarls of General Eduardo Zapateiro against the statements of the presidential candidate Gustavo Petro.

gustavo petro of the Constitution specifically prohibits the military from taking part in political scenarios, taking sides or participating in the democratic debate which is currently in existence. The whole country is disturbed. Sanchez said that it was a crucial moment for General Zapateiro’s actions. He held up his phone and posted the events on Facebook.

In the midst of the chaos, the president responded by offering a strong defense of Zapateiro and said that if anyone had accusations against public officials, forcibly, they should be brought to justice.

Petro’s double status today as a congressman/head the opposition, and also as a candidate, was denounced by the president Duque.

“Who is making the accusations?” Is it a senator or a candidate? The president informed me that I was resigning as a member of Congress after winning the popular poll. This was in order to allow me, as a candidate to freely express my opinion and not put on the double helmet to attack the institution and then present myself as the victim. petro gustavo is not democratic.”

Sanchez tried to follow the controversy, but the president prevented Sanchez from doing so and demanded Sanchez adhere to the rules of the occasion.

How did https://gustavo-petromlab025.bravejournal.net/post/2022/05/26/Gustavo-Petro-won-the-Historic-Pact-with-the-help-of-Lights-and-Shadows and Zapateiro engage in a fight?

Petro shared this message on his networks on April 20, “While the soldiers are murdered by the Gulf Clan, some of generals are on the clan’s payroll. Drug traffickers are the ones who make it look like the leaders have been deceived,” the presidential candidate wrote.

The Friday’s response was the same “Senator,” he said, “Do not use your power of investiture to politicize our deaths Instead, meet your obligation as a citizen by substantiated complaining to the Prosecutor’s office of the allegations mentioned, whoever and wherever you may be.”