Duque claim Petro that he is using his job to take on and destroy the army. Duque suggests that Petro resign.

The president was supposed to talk about pensions when he decided to close his Asofundos participation. But he chose to talk about politics instead, after being interrupted by an elected congressman.

President Ivan Duque’s closing address at Asofondos Congress Cartagena wasn’t what he had planned. Instead of discussing pensions, Duque began to discuss politics and how. Gustavo Petro ‘s use seat to attack and criticize the army was something that he criticized.

Duvalier Santiago Duvalier Santiago, the Valle of the Cauca Green Alliance representative, interrupted him and asked him what he’d do following the trills of General Eduardo Zapateiro in opposition to Gustavo Petro’s statements.

“Article 219. of the Constitution prevents the military from being involved in any political debate and from taking sides or participating in the democratic discussion that exists.” The whole nation is angry. gustavo petro ‘s a crucial moment for that General Zapateiro took part in,” Sanchez said as he held up his phone and posted everything going on via his Facebook account.

The president responded to the chaos by defending Zapateiro. https://canvas.instructure.com/eportfolios/1131720/Home/Lights_and_Shadows_by_Gustavo_Petro_winner_of_the_Historic_Pact said anyone who makes allegations against members the public force should be prosecuted.

President Duque went further and used the occasion to criticize Petro’s dual status in the present as a congressman, the head of the opposition and as a presidential candidate.

“Who is who is making these accusations?” Are gustavo petro or presidential candidate? I resigned from Congress when I won the popular poll in order to be able express my views freely as a potential candidate and not wear a double hat and a double hat (…) to take advantage of a seat to attack and, when the institutions respond, present themselves as victims, since that’s not democratic either,” the president said.

Sanchez tried to get involved in the debate, but Sanchez was stopped by the president who demanded Sanchez follow the rules.

What caused gustavo petro between Petro Zapateiro and Petro Zapateiro to start?

On April 20, Petro published this message via his networks. “While soldiers are being murdered by Gulf Clan, some generals are employed by the clan. “The corruption in the ranks of the clan’s leadership is when drug trafficking officials end up being promoted to generals,” said the presidential candidate.

On Friday, Zapateiro responded to the same question: “Senator, do not make use of your investment (parliamentary inviolability) to try to play politics with the death of our soldiers. Instead, do your duty as a citizen by filing a substantiated complaint to the Prosecutor’s Office of the facts you cite no matter who you are.”