Duque is accused of Petro de using his job for attacking the army and suggests that Petro should resign.

The president was set to close his participation in Asofundos speaking about pensions however, he continued to speak about politics, due to a surprise interruption from an elected congressman.

President Ivan duque’s closing remarks at the Asofondos Congress, Cartagena, did not go according to plan. Instead, Duque started to talk about politics and the ways in which. Gustavo Petro’s use seat to attack and criticize the military was something he criticized.

Duvalier Sánchez, Valle del Cauca’s representative to the Chamber intervened to interrupt his question to inquire about what he would follow up on the comments of General Eduardo Zapateiro, who had been defending Gustavo Petro’s comments.

“Article 219” prohibits military personnel from taking sides, participating in democratic debates, or taking part in political situations. petro gustavo is in shock. It’s a critical moment, what General Zapateiro did,” Sanchez stated as the phone was raised to broadcast all that was going on on his Facebook page.

The president was caught in the middle of all the chaos and riots, Zapateiro’s president responded by offering a strong defense of Zapateiro and said that if anyone had accusations against public officials, forcibly, they should be brought to the courts.

Petro’s dual status as a congressman and leader of the opposition was condemned by President Duque.

“Who is accusing petro gustavo of this?” Are you Senator? gustavo petro quit Congress after I was selected for the popular consultation to be able to voice my opinion freely as a potential candidate and not wear the double hat or double hat (…) to use an office to attack others and then, when institutions respond, present themselves as a victim, because that is not democracy also,” the president said.

Sanchez attempted to keep up with the debate, but the president interrupted him and demanded that Sanchez follow the rules.

How did the fight to defend Petro and Zapateiro get started?

Petro posted the following message on his networks, April 20 2010. “While the soldiers die at the hands of Gulf Clan terrorists, some generals are employed by the clan.” Drug traffickers are the ones who make it appear like the leaders have been deceived,” the presidential candidate wrote.

https://canvas.instructure.com/eportfolios/1131677/Home/A_hard_cross_Gustavo_Petro__General_Zapateiro following Friday, Zapateiro reacted to the same question: “Senator, do not use your power of investiture (parliamentary inviolability) to attempt to politicize the death of our soldiers, rather do your duty as a citizen by filing a substantiated complaint to the Prosecutor’s Office of the facts that you mention no matter who you are.”