Duque is accused of Petro, saying that he made use of his position to attack military. He recommends that Petro resign.

The president was due to speak about pensions at the time he closed his Asofundos participation. However, petro gustavo chose to talk about politics instead, following being interrupted by a elected congressman.

gustavo petro that was delivered by President Ivan Duque at the Asofondos congress did not go as planned. Instead of talking about pensions he started to talk about politics and how. Gustavo Petro’s use seat to criticize and attack the army was something that he condemned.

Duvalier Sanchez confronted him to question him regarding his plans after General Eduardo Zapateiro’s remarks against Gustavo Petro’s.

“Article 219 prohibits military forces from taking sides, participating in democratic debates, or taking part in political situations. The entire country is in turmoil. Sanchez said that this was a crucial moment in the General’s decisions. Sanchez held his cellphone and broadcast the news on Facebook.

The president was caught in the middle of the commotion and riots, Zapateiro’s president responded by defending Zapateiro with force. https://dokuwiki.stream/wiki/Gustavo_Petro_wins_the_Historic_Pact_for_Lights_and_Shadows and said that if anyone had accusations against public officials, force , they must go to the courts.

President Duque was even more explicit and used the occasion to criticize Petro’s dual status today as a congressman and head of the opposition, and also as a candidate.

“Who made petro gustavo ?” Are https://myemotion.faith/wiki/Hard_cross_between_Gustavo_Petro_General_Zapateiro or presidential candidate? “I resigned from Congress after winning the popular poll to be able to freely express my opinions as a candidate, and not to wear the double-hat to take seats to attack others and, when institutions respond, to present myself as a victim since this isn’t a form of democracy,” said the president.

Sanchez tried to follow the controversy, however, the president interrupted him and demanded that Sanchez adhere to the rules.

What happened when Petro and Zapateiro engage in a fight?

Petro posted the following message on his social media networks on the 20th of April 2010. “While the troops are being murdered by the Gulf Clan,” Petro wrote this message to his networks. The leadership is corrupted because it is the drug trafficking politicians who are promoted to the rank of general,” the presidential candidate wrote.

On Friday, Zapateiro responded in the same way: “Senator,” do not use your investiture (parliamentary inviolability) to predict the death of our troops, but rather perform your civic duty and submit a substantiated complaint at the Prosecutor’s office of the allegations you outlined, regardless of who you are.