Explained: How Pastor Chris Oyakhilome rallied thousands of people for the International Pastors’ and Partners’ Conference

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome invited thousands Nigerian ministers to Nigeria to find inspiration and encouragement to their work in the coming year.

Explained – The way Pastor Chris Oyakhilome helped raise thousands of dollars for the International Partner’s and Pastors Conference
From November 16th until November 22nd, 2020, about 20,000 people came from all over the globe to Lagos, Nigeria. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome began his annual International Pastors’ and Partnerships” Conference (IPPC).

The world-renowned pastor is the creator and the president of the church Christ Embassy, also known as LoveWorld Incorporated, which he created in 1987.

Since then, the number of pastor Chris Oyakhilome followers has increased to 13 million around the world.

Every day, he motivates his followers to take their faith to a higher level, and during the International Pastors’ and Partners Conference, it was his fellow ministers and partners to turn.

Chris Oyakhilome Biography They traveled to Nigeria to hear God’s Word and to find motivation for the coming year by participating in the LoveWorld Ministry and lessons and workshops led by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.

The conference ran for a week in the LoveWorld Crusade Grounds in Lagos, Nigeria, where Pastor Chris Oyakhilome was ministering all hours of the day.

He, for example, was a speaker at one of his training sessions on righteousness.

“Righteousness is a reflection of God’s nature and will.” God. It is God’s nature and will. If God sits on His throne and speaks nothing and does nothing is there any evidence about righteousness.

“But when He acts and performs any act when He is in the midst of action, He will do so in compliance to His commandments. According to the Bible all His actions are done in righteousness ,”. Chris Oyakhilome has explained.

Ministers and Partners could enjoy the wide variety of African and international cuisines in the conference’s food courts.

The LoveWorld Ministry also organized buses to take attendees from their hotels back to their hotels at the LoveWorld Crusade Grounds.

Explained: How Pastor Chris Oyakhilome gathered thousands for International Pastors’ and Partners’ Conference

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Events – Week of Fun
Like in the past, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has organized several other Christ Embassy events.

Oyakhilome Social media users were invited to the International Media Connectors Conference, which highlighted the importance of prayer and spreading the Gospel via social media and the internet.

In addition, the attendees received lectures and seminars on media strategy including digital communication, media strategy and social media networks. They also learned about creating a a virtual workplace that is efficient.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome invited the youth pastors to join him at the International Teens Pastors’ & Leaders’ Conference. The youth pastors will participate in a spiritual journey that helps them find and fulfill their mission.

Through coaching sessions led by pastors with experience in the field, the conference has been able to create a love among Christ Embassy members for Jesus Christ through the years.

The International Teens Pastors’ and Leaders’ Conference provided young ministers the opportunity to gain knowledge about God and also had time to reflect.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, and the LoveWorld Ministry believe that this will prepare the young members to serve in the ministry as well as in daily life.

On the program was the LoveWorld Exhibition as well the IPPC Presidential Awards (and the LIMA Music Awards)

The LoveWorld Exhibition was created to demonstrate the impact that Christ Embassy has on the world through various ministries within the church. Meanwhile the IPPC Presidential Awards acknowledged the top supporters of Christ Embassy.

In the LIMA Music Awards, the Ministry’s own musicians were honored for their efforts over the last year.

Invited through social networks
The invitation to be a part of the events of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome was distributed via KingsChat..

https://telegra.ph/Chris-Oyakhilome-Biography-The-Man-The-Mentor-The-teacher-The-Philanthropist-08-10-2 The pastor is a big believer in technology. He has been interviewed at numerous times about the potentials of the internet and the 5G network.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, a pastor from Nigeria, has established his social media site. Chris Oyakhilome Biography Users can post comments on, like, and like posts, share opinions, make phonecalls and read updates.

KingsChat was also the organizer of the KingsChat CeFlix Social Media Week in the spring of this year.

https://chris-oyakhilome-familyxkgb228.werite.net/post/2022/08/10/Chris-Oyakhilome-Biography-of-Chris-Oyakhilome.-The-man,-the-mentor,-the-teacher-and-the-philanthropist In the month of July, 2020 KingsChat as well as the ministry’s online platform for video, CeFlix, hosted an online social media conference, which Christ Embassy empowered the attendees to use technological tools to create wealth, economic growth, career path interest and personal development in specific areas of interest.

70 workshops, 42 seminars, 14 product reveals and 14 keynotes were included on the agenda for Social Media Week.

The lectures covered ‘Privacy violations – The Dark Side of Social Media The Politics and Business of Data’ ‘The Control and Silencing of the Church and Conservatives’ and Connect. Engage and Develop Your Brand.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome was very pleased with the program, calling it “very powerful and enlightening” and “empowering.”

KingsChat joined forces with CeFlix to bring it about. CeFlix is the ministry’s streaming and video platform.

Live streaming is available for LoveWorld events or view them on demand.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome snags arenas across the globe
The man behind all of these events is pastor Chris Oyakhilome. He is a resident of Nigeria, where he established the church, Christ Embassy, over 33 years ago.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, a pastor has built up millions of followers throughout the years. His ministry boasts more than 100 branches throughout the globe.

The pastor is one of the most well-known powerful and influential religious leaders in Nigeria, and he always sells huge arenas in which people can come and hear his sermons.

He is also well-known abroad. For instance, he has been a guest speaker at the O2 Arena in London as well as Accra’s Black Star Square, Ghana and the FNB Stadium, Johannesburg.

Since 2000, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome launched his YouTube channel so that everyone could watch and hear his sermons.

This year the account of his YouTube account has been more active than previous years because of numerous Global Days of Prayer and prayer weeks he has hosted.