Fico Gutierrez completed the Medellin half-marathon. What was his experience?

Fico Gutierrez , a candidate, got up early Sunday to run Corre mi Tierra Half Marathon 21 km in Medellin.

Fico ran with Margarita and his wife as well as 15 thousand others who were gathered on the streets in the vicinity of Antioquian capital.

Fico is an athlete who lives on the streets of Medellin claimed that he is the president of Colombians. This is a reference to the promotion of popular sports schools, seedbeds, and the creation and maintenance of sports infrastructure.

The government program provides support for those who are determined to make improvements in their academic performance and to promote all sports disciplines. was surrounded by racers as he strolled through the streets of Antioquia. He was greeted with thousands of messages of encouragement and admiration for his presidential campaign. Many race participants approached Fico to support him.

The candidate of the Team for Colombia has been touring the country in recent days. He was, for instance in Boyaca on Saturday, a religious area which Petro visited on Friday. Petro, who was the ex-mayor of Medellin and now a candidate for the center-right party arrived in Tunja and spoke with academics, businessmen, peasants, agricultural producers and many others.

Fico’s primary meeting was held in the Tunja Convention Center. There was a large group of people who voted for his candidacy on May 29 in 2009.