Fico Gutierrez continues to conquer voters. He has launched a new campaign in Boyaca and a an appearance at the Virgin of Chiquinquira , the presidential candidate, is adamant that voters can get their votes through the streets. In addition, he only has 32 days until the first presidential election, in which Gutierrez is expected to be competing with Gustavo Petro for the House of Narino’s the quota.

Gutierrez got up early Saturday morning to go to Boyaca. Boyaca is a religious area which Petro visited last Friday. and the current candidate for center-right was in Tunja to meet with academics, businessmen and agricultural producers as well as peasants. of Fico was held at the Tunja Convention Center, where Fico gathered a significant crowd of people who announced their support at the polls on the 29th of May.

Federico and hundreds of colombians, posted a Twitter video where Federico thanked Tunja citizens and declared that he would win. He added: “We’re Going To Win, We All, We Vote to the presidency to transform and Unite Colombia.” The presidential candidate recorded a large group of supporters supporting him without stopping.

“Happy at Boyaca!” He said he was very happy in Boyaca because he is the president of the people.

The second pointer in the polls reached the Basilica of Our Lady of the Rosary of Chiquinquira during the travel. This strategic location is the place where many followers and faithful are drawn from across the country every weekend. In the midst of all the attention of his followers as well as those waiting to receive the morning Eucharist the leader of centre-right kneeled before the Virgin and laid his hands on the Mary’s breast.

“I asked Virgin to give me wisdom. He said I could pray to him and my family, along with all Colombian families, to bring peace and be humility.

The presidential candidate made an video of his visit to the area. Before entering, he met with several inhabitants of the sector who hugged him. He also wore the representative wardrobe of the Colombian municipality.

Gutierrez was welcomed to the religious temple with the Boyacan ruana (traditional Boyacan ruana) and the medal from the Virgin of Chiquinquira (a symbol of spirituality that he displayed throughout his political campaign). You might recall that the Antioquian visited Jericho in Antioquia three weeks ago. Then, gathered at Mother Laura’s Birthplace, the only Colombian saint to be honored recently by Pope Francis.

In Chiquinquira the candidate used the occasion to welcome the people and make some announcements in case of arriving at the palace of the president. The leader of the paisa addressed various other issues of importance, including water security, road construction and maintenance (especially Ruta de los Comuneros section and Ubate-Chiquinquira sections) as well as tourism to help create employment and sustainable development.

Fico Gutierrez talked about the job market. He said Tunja is the second-highest percentage of unemployment in the world. His government plan seeks to create “about 21,000 jobs , and at minimum 300 new enterprises in Boyaca”.

But, he also stated that sustainable mobility should be generated within the department. To achieve this, he said that the reorganization of the Strategic Public Transport System should be prioritized. Together, he indicated that he is committed to the construction of roads and cycling routes.

His most recent tweet was: “Peasants, farmers of Boyaca The Boyaca farmers: We will work to create more income and opportunities for you and to re-honor our fields.” Gutierrez will be reaching out to Colombians to share the government’s plan and attempt to change the course during the upcoming elections scheduled for May 29.