Fico Gutierrez with his phrases to Petro – a friend of FARC and chavista. He also expropriated the FARC.

The Sunday’s meeting of the “Team for Colombia” saw “Fico” Gutierrez triumph with 2 160.329. votes, or 54.1 percent of the total deposited in the internal electoral process of that coalition.

Gutierrez was in attendance at the inaugural debate of presidential candidates following the elections for legislative. He was compared to Gustavo Petro, the winner of the Historic Pact consultation, as and Ingrid Betancourt – an independent candidate. His responses were as follows.

‘We more centralism’: Federico Gutierrez during his time at

The importance of Sunday’s election results

The first subject of the great discussion was to discuss the election result. “It appears to me as if we’re on the same side of the second round, which may be a reality in the political realm. Fico said, “With humility, I called for us to come together and win the first round.”

Following the issue there was speculation about the possibility of winning the first round. Team for Colombia’s presidential candidate pointed out that the numbers speak for themselves. Our coalition was among the newest that has existed for three months. We’re only a few seconds away, one million votes from the Historic Pact. It’s very clear who we really are and who we can take on in the second round against populist and authoritarian projects like Petro. is facing tough questions

Federico Gutierrez was questioned by Gustavo Petro during the debate regarding the inclusion of Piedad Cordoba on his list. “How can you claim you’re not going to put corrupt people on the list if you include Piedad Cordoba? He was involved with the lives of many kidnapped persons, and he joined the Chavez Regime that is very dangerous for Colombia?” Fico offered his support to Ingrid Betancourt and said that Cordoba was accused of “trading child abduction”.

Gutierrez Then, he launched a brutal attack on Petro and called him a “friend of the FARC”:

“Those who attacked people and those who kidnapped or murdered, are the ones who own peace, and we are the masters of war. I’ve used a weapon unlike yours throughout my life. I am morally qualified for peace negotiations and will make the FARC as well as friends and allies abide by the agreement, because they have not abided by the peace accord.

Zuluaga’s entry into the Gutierrez Campaign

Gutierrez talked about the inclusion of Oscar Ivan Zuluaga in his campaign. Gutierrez called him to thank him and support his candidacy. I told him, I appreciate your personal decision and will discuss with him but I’m also going to have a discussion to many other sectors that want to join our candidacy,” he said and made it clear that he’s not Uribe’s nominee, however he did admit to that he is in his.

He said: “Those of us who defend democracy and freedoms have to stand together. I will have a meeting with teachers. Together with the cooperative, we will show a country agenda to the entire nation and show that we have more we can do.

Gutierrez in the middle of the discussion, reproached Ingrid Betancourt to “whom is asserting that one is the only righteous one” and “that everybody is inherently evil or corrupt.”

She said, “You don’t have have to tell us that I’ve got bad intentions,” as well as, “Is there really any single good thing in Central America?” If I am president, and I am going to be, I will unite. It could be left-handed or center, however, I will govern with the highest quality.

Ingrid was then accused of him, claiming that he was “being supported” by machines such as Los Char and Dilian Francisca Toro. He added, “I am a man who is a man of character.” He stated that, although he may form alliances, he is a man of character who will not allow violence or corruption to be a part of any.

“Petro is acting dumb”

Federico Gutierrez, in an attempt to draw attention to Gustavo Petro, stated that Gustavo Petro is in the company of Armando Beenedetti, an ex-senator who started a process of extermination. In the event that he didn’t get any reply, he claimed that the candidate who is a part of the Historic Pact “always plays dumb.”

What does a health candidate suggest?

The mayor who was the former mayor of Medellin presented his concept of a system of health care in the country: “Ideology should not prevail and we should have respect in the health system. ‘ll eliminate waits, promote prevention and health, articulation with IPS and EPS and establish the Siga system. The model relies on triage to determine where you’ll be treated according the condition. said that better working conditions are required for health workers , and they should have “guaranteed connection”. He stated that he will not end EPS but that he would strengthen the care system. But, he also said that “EPS which does not work” should be dissolved.

Relations with America

To the question, Will you rethink your relations to the United States? Gutierrez said: “I’m going to maintain a good, bipartisan relations with the United States. But some issues need to be reconsidered. We are planning to reform the production system so that it is both economic and political.

UU is the problem with U.S. today. We all have to recognize that the world has transformed and that the U.S. can now be capable of producing more food items, but also import high-quality goods from abroad.

Gutierrez took advantage of the opportunity to make a bid on Petro: “The Blockades, which Petro demanded you to close the roads” Gutierrez said. He explained that the blockades, which you ordered to shut down the roads have made the chicken and eggs more expensive.

Gutierrez reiterated that Petro “is going to take over” and emphasized that under his administration cheap loans will be granted to farmers, irrigation districts will be strengthened and land ownership will be respected.

Questions for candidates

Federico Gutierrez had to respond to the position of the Uribe/Duque government: “It is clear that, starting August 7, all that is working, independently of the government, will continue. And if it doesn’t, I will improve it.”

He stated that while security is essential but it is also an integral part. He also said that he would mix the social with security. Every helicopter that arrives in zones of conflict there will be three thanks to social investment.

Gutierrez has criticized Petro and said that Petro’s current assistance through Families in Action is alms. “To the extent that the state supports the family, it has to ensure that the family has the minimum amount of energy and water but not tell the family to sacrifice their market for the rest of his life, leaving him in poverty. Look at Venezuela and you’ll find the Chavez model.

Pension debate

Gutierrez suggested, in order improve the pension issue it is suggested that the state be in a position to transfer its assets to territorial bodies to aid in strengthening the funds in fixed resources like schools and roads. said that 20 billion pesos belong to mafia-related assetsthat aren’t required to be managed by the state.

He added that’s why we will have more domain lawyers and judges who will be able to halt the extinction process. This money can then be used to help fund education, healthcare, or the pension system that covers the three million people with pensions for retirement. He added, “The resources are there. It’s just a matter of understand where they’re.”

How can I make appointments with Pope Benedict XVI while in the campaign?

The discussion focused on the trip of the presidential hopefuls Gustavo Petro and Rodolfo Gutierrez to Pope Francis. Fico Gutierrez said that the people who plan to visit the Pope do not expect to be familiar with him. While I do know the Pope, my visit today will be with Colombians. In fact, I had already met him in Medellin as part of the papal visits , and I listened to him extremely often that day.”

Relations with Venezuela

The debate ended with the topic of Venezuela. Gutierrez pointed this out: “Maduro has had a relationship with Colombia through the FARC. Eln. dissidents. Piedad. Petro. I believe Maduro cannot be recognized as a legitimate government, since it is a dictatorship. However, there is a real reality at the border.”

He also stated that the use of vehicles is required due to the issue of trade, which is still being dealt with by criminal organizations. Maduro is not recognized as a state. However it is imperative that business decisions are made at crossings.

Gutierrez was talking about the issue, and had an exchange of words with Petro. He said that he is not silent to defend “his Allies”, which refers to Russia, Syria, Venezuela and many others.

He also criticised the idea of separating Colombia’s economy from coal and oil, noting that it must be a gradual process and not just one-time. “That’s why renewable energy initiatives are in the works like wind and solar. We are taking steps towards that end, and we will increase the capacity by a third.

Gutierrez issued a statement of farewell: “Petro. I will be the president of Colombians.