Fico Gutierrez, with his words to Petro the friend of FARC, chavista, expropriator

The total number of votes amounted to ‘160.329., Fico Gutierrez won the Sunday’s vote with the Team for Colombia’. This amounts to 54.1 percent of the total votes deposited in the electoral process internal to of the coalition.

Gutierrez was in attendance at the first debate of presidential candidates after the elections for legislative. He was judged by Gustavo Petro (who won the Historic Pact consultation) and Ingrid Betancourt (an independent candidate). These were his responses.

‘We more centralism’: Federico Gutierrez during his time at

The importance of Sunday’s election results

The first topic in the great debate was the Sunday’s election results. “It seems that we have one hand in the second round. This is a fact in politics. Fico stated that he hoped that the team would come together to win the opening round. “A lot of the nation’s fate is on the line.”

Following the discussion, the likelihood of winning in round one was discussed. Team for Colombia’s presidential candidate claimed: “The numbers speak for them.” Our coalition was the newest, it has been three months since the last election. We are now seconds away. With only 1 million votes remaining from the Historic Pact it is quite evident who we are and who will be able to go into the second phase to face these populist and authoritarian initiatives, such as Petro.

Petro Answers to Tough Questions

Federico Gutierrez, questioned during the debate the decision of Gustavo Petro to include Piedad Cordoba on his list. “How can declare that you will not accept any person who is corrupt on your list, if you have Piedad Cordoba, when he negotiated with the lives of many kidnapped persons, and when he became a member of the Chavez regime, which is a danger for Colombia? Fico noted Ingrid Betancourt’s accusation of Cordoba and he stood in solidarity.

Gutierrez has launched a vicious attack on Petro, calling him a friend of the FARC.

“Those who attack the innocent as well as those who kidnapped, extorted money and murdered are the owners and masters of the war. I have lived my entire existence using weapons other than the one you. I have moral authority and I am able to speak about peace and I will make your friends and allies respect the agreements.

Zuluaga’s return to the Gutierrez Campaign

Gutierrez’s second topic was Oscar Ivan Zuluaga joining his campaign. Gutierrez said that Zuluaga called him to congratulate him and also to support his candidacy. I expressed my gratitude to him for his position personally. I’ll speak to him. However, I’m going to meet with a variety of other sectors that are interested in supporting our candidacy.” Gutierrez added, clarifying that he wasn’t Uribe’s nominee, but would welcome the support of Uribe.

He said: “Those who are committed to freedoms and democracy must stand together.” I will meet with teachers. Along with the cooperative, we will display a nation’s agenda to the entire nation and show that we have more we can accomplish.

Gutierrez In the middle, was criticized by Ingrid Betancourt who said that Ingrid Betancourt was saying that only one person is right and that everyone else is corrupt.

“You do not have to tell me I’m not a good person as I’ve never had a single corrupt scandal and have implemented a well-designed policy,” she said. She also asked the candidate what was the one positive thing about Central America? If I’m elected president which I’m hoping to be, I’ll unite. I’m not sure if the people are left-leaning or the right, I’m going to be governing with the highest quality.”

He also reacted to the allegations of “being supported by machineries like Los Char and Dilian Francisca Toro”. “I am a person with the character. He said, “I will make many alliances, but I’ve got the moral character to avoid the use of violence or to allow corruption.”

‘Petro is playing dumb’

Federico Gutierrez, made a fresh argument against Gustavo Petro. He said that he is accompanied in his quest for dominion of the world by former senator Armando Bidenetti. He claimed that the Candidate of the Historic Pact “always plays dumb” when he didn’t get any response.

What health care plans do health advocates have in mind?

The former mayor of Medellin proposed his vision of a health system for the country: “Ideology should not prevail and we must have dignity in health services. We are determined to stop the lengthy lines. We will encourage prevention and wellness, articulation between the IPS/EPS, implementation of the Siga method, where triage is performed and determined the place you’ll be treated depending on the condition you are suffering from.

He also said that it was crucial to ensure better conditions for healthcare personnel and “that there is a guarantee of connection” and stated that he will not be cutting EPS but would strengthen the care delivery systems. He also said that “EPS which fails to function is dismantled.”

Relations with the United States

To the question: Would you reconsider your relationship with the United States? Gutierrez responded, “I will maintain a excellent, bilateral relationship with the United States. There are however certain aspects that require to be reconsidered. We’ll strengthen a system in which production is readily available in order that the relationship is not just one of business-related, but also political.

UU is the reason that is what makes the U.S. so problematic today. It forces us to see that the world has changed and that there exists an country that is able to produce more food, but can export top quality goods.

Gutierrez took advantage of the situation to offer a bid to Petro: “The blockades that you Petro ordered to close roads have had an impact on the cost of food. Many people ask why the chicken or the egg is so expensive. “You have blocked the roads,” Gutierrez said.

Gutierrez repeatedly insisted that Petro “is planning to expropriate” and said that under his administration cheap loans will be provided to peasants, the irrigation districts will be strengthened and the landownership will be protected.

Questions from candidates to candidates

Federico Gutierrez answered the Duque and Uribe government by saying: “I am sure that beginning on August 7 the system will operate independently of the government. will keep it going and, if not I will work on improving.”

He said that “the concept of security is important but it is integral, and I would combine it with social. If military forces have to reach a region that is a source of conflict, each helicopter will arrive with the support of social investments.

Gutierrez wrote a criticism of Petro. He wrote that Petro was giving them the assistance they need through Families in Action. That’s the Chavez model. Take a take a look at Venezuela.”

Pension debate

Gutierrez suggested that, to alleviate pensions to improve pensions, the “state’s capabilities should be transferred to the territories to increase the money in fixed assets like schools and roads. Additionally, there are 20 billion pesos in mafia assets, which are not required to be managed by the government,” he said.

He added That’s why I’m going to create an act to create more domain-extinction prosecutors and judges, so that that money becomes assets for education, health , and a pensions for the three million adults who receive pensions.” He concluded that the “resources are there and you only need to know the location they’re located.”

Appointments with the Pope on the campaign trail?

The discussion was focused on the potential visits of the candidates Gustavo Petro or Rodolfo Gutierrez to Pope Francis. Fico Gutierrez pointed this out, stating that “those who will visit the Pope are going because they haven’t met the pope.” I have already met him, but my meeting today is with the Colombians I had the pleasure of meeting him in Medellin at the time of the papal visit and I heard him speak a lot during that time.”

Relations with Venezuela

The discussion ended with the Venezuelan relationship. Gutierrez noted that Maduro was in contact with Colombia through the FARC, Eln, dissidents Piedad and Petro. Maduro is a dictatorship that cannot be recognised as a legitimate government. However, there is a possibility that is at the edge.”

He also said that “for this reason, traffic on the roads is required because of trade that is still happening, because the illegal economy is maintained by criminal organizations. Maduro cannot be considered to be a government. However, businesses have to decide on the border.

Gutierrez and Petro have a new debate on the subject, pointing out that Petro is not able to speak out in defense of “his allies”, referring specifically to Russia, Syria, Venezuela and Venezuela.

He also criticized the notion of separating Colombia’s economy from oil and coal, pointing out that it must be a gradual process and not just one-time. “That’s why we are engaged in renewable energy projects, like solar and wind. We are taking steps towards that, and we’re planning to increase the capacity by a third.”

In a final goodbye, Gutierrez said a new puya “Petro You are Chavez and Maduro But I are not Uribe or Duque. am the president of the Colombians.”