Fico Gutierrez’s words to Petro: friend, FARC, Chavista, and Expropriator

The meeting of the Team for Colombia’ saw Fico Gutierrez triumph with a vote total in over 2 ’160.329. This is equal to 54.1% from the total number of votes that were deposited in the internal electoral processes of the coalition.

Gutierrez was present at the first debate among presidential candidates following the elections for legislative. He was judged by Gustavo Petro (who won the Historic Pact consultation) and Ingrid Betancourt (an independent candidate). These were the questions he asked.

‘We more centralism’: Federico Gutierrez during his time at

Importance of Sunday’s results in the election

The debate began by examining Sunday’s election results. “It seems to us that we have one leg in the second rounds that is a real situation in the political realm. Fico declared that he hopes that the team will be united and prevail in the first round. “A significant portion of the fate of our country is at stake.”

Following the debate was raised, there was the possibility that Team for Colombia would win in the first round. Team for Colombia’s presidential nominee said “The numbers speak for themselves.” Our coalition was the youngest and it’s been around for three months. We’re just a few two seconds away from a million votes away from the Historic Pact. It’s very clear who we really are and who we will fight in the next round of elections against authoritarian and populist projects like Petro.

There are some tough questions to Petro

Federico Gutierrez challenged Gustavo Petro’s decision not to include Piedad Cordoba on the lists. “How are they going to claim that you aren’t accepting corrupt persons on the lists when Piedad Cordoba was on the list while he negotiated for the lives of so many kidnapped individuals, and when he became a member of the Chavez regime, which poses an issue for Colombia?” Fico was aware of the accusations made by Ingrid Betancourt of Cordoba, and stood in solidarity.

Gutierrez was a tyrant to Petro in the past and later declared him a friend of the FARC.

“Those who attacked others, those who kidnapped the innocent, who extorted and killed the owners to peace. We are the masters, of conflict.” In my lifetime I’ve used an instrument that was not from you. I am the one with the moral authority to speak about peace, and I’ll ensure that the FARC along with allies and my close friends adhere to the agreements. They have not met the conditions of the peace treaty.

Zuluaga is now at the Gutierrez camp

The next topic that Gutierrez discussed was the addition of Oscar Ivan Zuluaga to his campaign: “Zuluaga called me to thank me and pledge to his campaign. I told him that I was thankful for the opportunity to be in a personal position. I would like to speak to him. He also said that he was not a supporter of Uribe but he will still admit his support.

He continued, “Those of you who defend freedoms and democracy should be united.” I’ll be meeting with teachers and the cooperative sector, and we are going to show the nation a common agenda for the country and show that we are able to contribute”.

Gutierrez Right in the middle, criticized Ingrid Betancourt who said that Ingrid Betancourt was saying that only one person is right, and that all others are corrupt.

She rebuked the candidate and said: “You don’t have to tell my bad intentions, since there’s not a single corruption scandal, and I’ve done a decently-planned policy.” If I am elected president (which I’m planning to) I will bring together. I’m not sure if they’re right-leaning or left-leaning but I’ll govern in the most efficient way possible.

Ingrid later accused the actor of being “supported by machineries such as Los Char and Dilian Francisca Toro”. He said, “I am a man who is a man with character.” He said he’d make many alliances, but he also stated that he is able to stand up against corruption and violence.

“Petro is playing dumb”

Federico Gutierrez made a new argument about Gustavo Petro. He stated that he was accompanied by Armando Benedetto, an ex-senator, who is involved in an effort to end dominion. In the event that he did not receive any response, he said that the candidate for the Historic Pact “always plays dumb.”

What are the health-related ideas that health professionals offer?

“Ideology must not prevail. We need dignity for health care,” said the former mayor Medellin. We’ll eliminate waiting times, encourage health and prevention, and articulation between IPS and EPS and implement the Siga system. The model makes use of triage to determine the place you’ll be treated according the disease.

He said that it is important to create more favorable conditions for health professionals and “that they are guaranteed to be connecting” and said that he would not stop EPS however, he will continue to strengthen the health system. He also said that “EPS that fails to work can be dissolved.”

Relations with America

Answer to the question: Are you willing to review your relationships with the United States? Gutierrez said, “I intend to maintain an excellent and bipartisan relationship with America.” There are however certain issues that must be considered. We will be strengthening an environment where production is available and the connection is not just one of political but also commercial.

UU is the reason that is what makes the U.S. so problematic today. It makes us realize that the world has changed and that there is a country that can produce more food but could export products of high quality.

Gutierrez utilized the opportunity to make a bid for Petro: “The blockades, that you Petro demanded to shut down the roads, had an effect on the price of food. He claimed that people frequently ask why chicken and eggs are so expensive because they were blocked by roads.

Gutierrez reiterated that Petro “is going to expropriate” and also stated that affordable loans will be made available to peasants under his government. He also noted that irrigation districts will be strengthened and land ownership will be respected, and that Petro will insist that Petro “is going propriate”.

Questions from candidates to candidates

Federico Gutierrez answered the Duque and Uribe government by saying: “I am sure that from August 7 onwards, everything works independent of government. I will maintain it and if it doesn’t work, I will improve.”

He added that security was essential but also integral, and the latter would be combined with the social. If military forces are required to be in a region where there is conflict, for every helicopter that arrives in the area, three helicopters will arrive with the help of social investment.”

Gutierrez wrote a critique about Petro. wrote that Petro offered them the current assistance via Families in Action. Look at Venezuela.

Pension debate

Gutierrez suggested, in order to strengthen the pension system, “to take the state’s capabilities to the territorial entities to strengthen the value of fixed assets like roads and schools. Furthermore, there is 20 billion pesos in mafia assetsthat do not have to be handled by the state,” he said.

He also said that he’d create a law to allow more domain extinction judges as well as prosecutors, so that the money could be used for education, health, and pensions for the three million people who have a pension. He said, “The resources are there. You just need to be aware of where they are.”

Appointments with the Pope during the campaign?

The debate discussed the visits of presidential candidates Gustavo Petro, Rodolfo Gutierrez and Pope Francis. Fico Gutierrez argued that the reason that people are planning to meet Pope Francis is because they don’t know the pope. While I do know the Pope, my visit today is with Colombians. In fact I’ve already had the pleasure of meeting him in Medellin during the papal visit and I was able to listen to him very much that day.”

Relations with Venezuela

The final issue was the relationship between Venezuela and Venezuela. Gutierrez said that Maduro’s relations with Colombia have been through the FARC (the Eln), dissidents, and Petro. Maduro isn’t as a state because it’s an absolute dictatorship. There is however a real world in the edge.”

He also said that traffic on the roads must also be permitted because of trade issues which are still occurring since criminal organizations maintain operating an illegal economy. Maduro has not been recognized by the government. Business decisions must be taken near or at the border.

Gutierrez, when talking about the subject, got into another argument with Petro in which he claimed that he’s not willing in his defense of “his allies,” in reference to Russia, Syria and Venezuela, among others.

He also criticized the notion of separating the Colombian economy from oil and coal, noting that it should be a gradual process rather than all at one time. “That’s the reason why renewable energy projects are being developed in the form of wind and solar. There are steps being taken to achieve that, and we’re looking to increase capacity by two times.”

Gutierrez, as a farewell as a farewell, stated the following: “Petro. You are Chavez, Maduro, but not Uribe nor Duque. “I will become the president of the Colombians.”