The Attorney General is expected to conduct an investigation into Zapateiro’s possible involvement in political activities.

On Monday, April 25, General Eduardo Enrique Zapateiro will be informed by the Attorney General’s Office of the opening a preliminary investigation against him in connection with his possible involvement in political activities.

Prior to opening a preliminary probe, the Attorney General’s Office examined several elements. They also verified whether it was the official report provided by the Army chief.

Following by the disciplinary lawyers General Zapateiro was discovered to have violated rules that forbid people from engaging in political debates and taking a belligerent stand.

There was a time when General Zapateiro posted a post on Twitter responding to the candidate, which included one that is highly controversial in which he states “I haven’t seen any generals on television receiving poor money.” Colombians have seen you pull money from a garbage bag.

Gustavo Petro weighed in on this issue and expressed their opinions prior to the general election and the candidate. Be gustavo petro that the Office also will investigate allegations of involvement in politics. For instance, Zapateiro addressed the mayors at Medellin, Daniel Quintero; Cartagena William Dau Claudia Lopez; the mayor of Bogota Claudia Lopez; and the Manizales Carlos Mario Marin. to the governor of Caqueta Arnulfo Gasca.