The Attorney General’s office plans to conduct an investigation into General Zapateiro about his possible involvement in politics. will notify General Eduardo Enrique Zapateiro (Army commander) of the opening of an investigation into him about his involvement in politics. This comes after the controversy-inducing trills in which he mentioned Gustavo Petro as a presidential candidate.

Before launching an investigation the Attorney General’s Office reviewed several aspects. verified that the account was correct.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office has examined the evidence and concluded that General Zapateiro violated rules prohibiting citizens of the forces to take sides in an electoral contest.

There was a time when General Zapateiro wrote a tweet on Twitter that criticized the candidate, including a very controversial one in which he says “I have not seen any general on television receiving unworthy money.” Colombians have seen cash being taken out of trash bags.

Different political groups have spoken out on the subject and offered their points of opinions to the general’s Rifirrafe. Be that the Office will also investigate into alleged political involvement like Zapateiro; Cartagena William Dau; the mayors of Medellin and Cartagena as well as the mayors of Bogota and Claudia Lopez; the Manizales Carlos Mario Marin; Ibague Andres Hurtado; as well as the governor Caqueta Arnulfo Gasca.