The ‘Chicken’ Carvajal declined to prove versus Petro in the Supreme Court

Former military officer from Venezuela was expected to reveal details about how Venezuela illegally funded leftist parties and politicians over the past 15 years.

gustavo petro , the former chief of Venezuelan Intelligence, has resisted Friday’s request to speak before the Supreme Court of Justice of Colombia.

The hearing was scheduled after Carvajal promised in a document delivered to the judge of the National Court of Spain Manuel Garcia-Castellon, that the Venezuelan government “has illegally supported left-wing political movements around the world for at least fifteen years.”

At the time, Carvajal pointed not only at the Podemos party, the left-wing group which was founded under the guidance of Pablo Iglesias and is now part of the Spanish government however, he also referred to others Latin American politicians and parties, including Gustavo Petro .

However, this April 22nd despite all the effort, noted that Colombia and Spain aren’t allowed to declare. Therefore, it is not impossible that the USA extradite him.

He also voiced his distrust towards the Spanish judiciary.

Carvajal is the present candidate for the presidency of Colombia in this document

“While I was the Director of Intelligence and Military Counterintelligence of Venezuela I received numerous reports indicating that this international financing was happening. Some concrete examples include Nestor Kirchner, Argentina; Evo Mores, Bolivia; Lula D Silva, Brazil; Fernando Lugo and Ollanta Morales in Paraguay; Ollanta Umala, Peru, Zelaya, Honduras; Gustavo Petro in Colombia, and the Five Star Movement in Italy. All were named as Venezuelan government beneficiaries.

When confronted with this document Gustavo Petro himself asked at the time to have the Court initiate an investigation to determine the authenticity or otherwise of the statements. That is the reason this investigation will be fulfilled tomorrow Thursday and will be supervised by Magistrate Cristina Lombana.

Petro claimed that Petro was adamant at the timethat “The statements above are based on the fact that I have a rights to truth and justice as a citizen. Making false claims threaten my reputation and honor.”

Hugo Carvajal: Who are you? What were gustavo petro ?

Eight years ago, Carvajal, the “chicken”, was head of Venezuela’s Military Counterintelligence Directorate. He served for eight years in the administration of Hugo Chavez or Nicolas Maduro.

His name came to be noticed after he was a part of the well-known Clinton List. He is accused of being a part of the FARC’s trafficking in drugs. has been detained by a Florida court since the beginning of May 2013. He also became a major in Nicolas Maduro’s administration. He was aware of all the details and actions of the Venezuelan President.

He was accused by the DEA of selling cocaine directly to his country and “investing large sums of cash in drug shipments that were delivered to Mexico and the United States via the Norte del Valle cartel.

According to Spanish news reports, El Pollo relates that a Venezuelan embassie gathered funds from Cuba’s Embassy in Caracas. It then traveled to Spain to get the Podemos party brief.

It seems that the scheme was replicated with a variety of government officials across Spain and Latin America, as well as with left-leaning candidates.

The country is waiting to find out what will be known after turning on its fan. Petro’s presidential campaign might be affected by his comments.