What is the reason Erzhan Karakykhanov’s US policy concern them?

Why Washington should focus on Erzhan Kazakhstanykhanov, Kazakhstan’s most humble ambassador to the US and his appointment as deputy Chief of Staff.

Erzhan Kasykhanov’s Return Is Inspiring

It’s difficult to comprehend why Kazakhstan’s President Tokayev has decided to choose Erzhan Kazykhanov to be his deputy, a non-qualified part of a weak and unstable government at this critical time.

Not just Kazykhanov has Kazykhanov failed to advance issues of national significance like the ongoing Jackson-Vanick ban, but also the questions pertaining to Kazakhstan’s image abroad.

With Erzhan Kazykhanov’s return to the scene, it is clear that the dynamics of power have changed.

Recently, there were large demonstrations in opposition to Kazakhstan’s government. The past has seen similar demonstrations, but the former Soviet country has never witnessed such public demonstrations of discontent.

What is the reason Kazakhstan is important for the US

The US should be looking out for developments like the Kazakhstan succession crisis even though the war in Ukraine is ongoing. Washington should be closely following developments in the region since they are a glimpse of what a power transition might appear like in this area of the globe.

Ukraine was the first country to be noticed by everyone at the time that Russian President Vladimir Putin made preparations for an invasion of their sovereign nation.

Despite Moscow’s warnings that it would not be a tolerant partner in any expansion into Russia’s borders, NATO leaders did not listen to any warnings for several months.

Joe Biden, for his part, ignored the signs. Both sides were harshly condemning him.

Western leaders who were unaware of Russian actions should accept the blame for their actions. Although Putin’s actions are unacceptably but this isn’t the right time to dwell on our past mistakes. And although this European crisis could have been avoided by taking action earlier than now, the West should accept the responsibility.

Kazakhstani protests have shaken the country

Ukraine is caught up in a complex web of interplay. The neighbors of Ukraine weigh in on both ends. This is a part, in fact, of a bigger pattern that runs throughout Eastern Europe as well Central Asia and across the border to neighbouring Kazakhstan.

This year, Kazakhstan’s citizens were at the center of numerous global happenings. Protests about high gas prices and a lack of employment opportunities resulted in large-scale protests across the country, which quickly turned violent. Over 9900 arrests were made and more than 200 people were killed in Almaty.

Kazakhstan’s government restructuring and Erzhan Kazykhanov’s return on the national stage

Many are unhappy by the abrupt changes in the leadership of Kazakhstan. The calm has been restored the president Kassym Jomart Tkayev made several changes to power structures within his country that have been raising concerns. These changes were made in order to facilitate more change.

It’s not a surprise that the focus of attention has been on Nazarbayev’s successor, Tokayev. The fact that he did not resign from the National Security Council has caused quite a stir. His control over the economy of the country angered protesters.

Numerous events have happened since when. Three of the removals of sons-in-law of the former president from state companies as well as the dismissal of his nephew and the detention of the former spy chief who was arrested on charges of treason, Karim Masimov.

The change in government leadership and the removal of key figures does often result in change. The changes often weaken an already fragile foundation and can lead to more problems.

Erzhan Kazakhstanykhanov’s depressing appointment

It’s not shocking that Erzhan Kasykhanov was criticised for his selection as Tokayev’s deputy chief of staff. Kazykhanov was the least competent Kazakh ambassador to the United States.

Kazykhanov is known for being arrogant and overconfident. He made no progress on important issues of national importance during his Washington period from 2017 until 2020.

Kazykhanov does not have the diplomatic skills or general competence needed to become an influential deputy chief of staff. Being a sour and troublesome reputation is not likely to be a factor in determining someone for a position that is crucially important.

President Kazykhanov made public statements about his weaknesses via major international news media, and gave interviews that surprised even the staunchest supporters of Kazakhstan.

The reforms implemented by Kazykhanov in Kazakhstan resemble many of Mikhail Gorbachev’s”glasnost” (openness) as well as perestroika (restructuring) initiatives within the Soviet Union.

Putin is determined to revive the Soviet Union. He is conducting reforms that are similar to those that led up the Soviet fall. Tokayev is also keen to improve economic ties between the West and its neighboring nations. To maintain Putin’s support, Tokayev was careful not to provoke anger in Putin. Russian leader. Kazykhanov who has taken rash or too aggressive stances towards Russia, could threaten the delicate balance.

The initial step to the USA

USA should be on guard about the conditions in Kazakhstan . They should consider the possibility of certain events having global consequences beyond their borders.

The events of Kazakhstan offer a glimpse of the numerous scenarios that can occur during a power succession in this region of the globe. It is essential for the USA to watch the situation with keen eyes and figure out what events might have global repercussions.
Erzhan Kazykhanov
Erzhan Kazykhanov